The First 'Bathroom Sommelier' Is From Argentina

The First 'Bathroom Sommelier' Is From Argentina

Today on the networks we talk openly about sex and other topics that were previously taboo and there are many who expose their privacy without shame. But neither poop nor mú. We are going to eat a fancy place , we take pictures of the morphi, but we don’t say a word about the experience of going to the bathroom.

However, an account emerged on Instagram that sheds light on this subject so modest for many: @comodondecago

At the helm is Caro Di Menna, a 23-year-old tourism student with a shrewd pen, acid humor and a unique ability to script the experience of going number two in CABA’s restaurants and bars.

“I am the T Guide to the bathrooms. I show the B side, I expose the most intimate, dark and recondite of the most popular restaurants in Baires. Places that behind the scenes hide rooms where the aftermath of Chernobyl come to life. I tell the crude truth, without scruples or modesty ”, he clarifies.


Location: NOLA Buenos Aires

The genesis of all this

“It seemed to me that there is a lot of dissemination of foodie accounts that all show the same: food reviews , that make exchanges selling themselves for some potatoes and a pint of Quilmes soaked in water”, criticizes Caro. Then, after a tragicomic episode of bar-pooping , in which she was forced to visit several bathrooms in gastronomic establishments in the city, she decided to start with this eschatological and sympathetic account.

“It seemed cool to me to touch the subject from the comedy side: it becomes easier, more relaxed and relaxed. People begin to encourage themselves to talk, they laugh and recommend places or tell their misadventures for a bathroom, “he says.

“Basically, I visit bars and restaurants and instead of showing what everyone is exposing on the networks, I go a little further. I bring to light, unclog pipes, open toilet doors and lids, exposing the bathrooms, from the most luxurious and glittering thrones, to the most inhospitable black holes towards Narnia, the most remote ”, narrates this young toilettes sommelier.


Place: PANI

A service to the community

In each toilet that she visits, Caro checks:

  • Toilet paper and its texture
  • The soap (if it is liquid, much better).
  • If there are mirrors. “It is fundamental that there is. The girls we touch up our makeup , we comb our hair and we take photos. The bathroom should wake up and shake the Narcissus in us ”.
  • How is the space and the environment (good lighting and music, its design, if it has any extra gimmicks, any detail that stands out).
  • Cleanliness and neatness, of course.
  • If there is to dry your hands (the best is the automatic device).

“I always say that the bathroom is like the bread basket: if they bring you a good bread basket you are already well predisposed and with good expectations. If you go to a bathroom that has paid attention and time, has a cool , artistic or quirky design, or has some kind of curiosity that catches your eye, you will probably come back to the table talking about it. And surely you take it into account when evaluating your comprehensive experience in the place ”.

In addition, it emphasizes something very important: the bathrooms are a true reflection of the hygiene of the establishment. “If you come across a catastrophic post-apocalyptic scene when entering the bathroom, you are going to rethink eating something in the same place. You ask yourself: Is that how bombarded the kitchen will also be? ”, He comments (and leaves us wondering).

At the moment, the establishments he reviewed took his comments very well. “I think it is because it is an account that more than defenestrating and criticizing hatefully, it has a comic purpose,” says Caro, who shits on what they will say and decides to bring to the table a topic that we usually hide in the background to the right.